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All About Mirrors

Do you ship your mirrors outside Toronto?

Yes. We ship most of our mirrors across Canada.

Are all the mirrors in your website in your stores?

We try to have a good selection of our mirrors in stock but it's hard to have them all on hand. You can however purchase them and we will advise you when they arrive. The average waiting time for mirrors not in stock is about 2 - 4 weeks.

How do I choose between framed art and a mirror?

It depends on what you want to accomplish and which room it's going in. Framed art adds color, warmth and personality to your home. Mirrors give the illusion of an enlarged and expanded room. They are functional and make rooms more inviting. Every room can be enhanced by a well placed mirror. Don't settle for just any mirror, make a statement. Mirrors look stunning over a fireplace mantel, over a server in the dining room to give that expansive feel to the room even in children's rooms at eye level.

How about choosing a bathroom mirror?

Bathroom mirrors are available in different styles and sizes, they can be round, oval, rectangular and with or without a frame.
Oval mirrors seem to be the preferred choice, if you are looking for a modern look then a frameless mirror or one with a thin moulding will give you that modern look.
Make sure that the style, colour and type of mirror will go well with your bathroom's lights and colour of paint and tiles. In order to give a consistent look to the bathroom, a matching mirror frame can be used.
The size of the mirror depends on the size of the vanity. Your bathroom mirror shouldn't be bigger than your vanity. If you have a large vanity or one with double sinks, a set of identical mirrors will work well. You can always use a large mirror as long as it's smaller than the vanity.

What is the best way to securely hang a mirror?

The best hanging hardware for most walls is the J-hook. It is designed to keep the nail that goes into the wall at a sharp angle, so that even in drywall, it will stay in place. It is important that the J-hook be properly weighted for the item you want to hang. For heavy mirrors is best to use a J-hook on either side, for small light weight mirrors you can use steel wire attached to the sides. Most of our smaller mirrors come with the steel wire, ready to hang.For large heavy mirrors, we can provide you with a self-leveling adjustable J-hooks. With this hardware, if the item is slightly uneven, the hangers can be adjusted without moving the nails from the wall.

Can mirrors be hung vertically and horizontally?

Most of our mirrors come with the hardware ready to hang horizontally or vertically.

What is the best way to level a mirror?

The most common way to hang is to hold the mirror or picture against the wall where you want it to be, have someone else step back and level the item from sight, and then mark the wall with a pencil where the hangers should be. A level can be used to make sure the item is perfectly straight before the wall is marked. For large heavy mirrors, we can provide you with a self-leveling adjustable J-hook. With this hardware, if the item is slightly uneven, the hangers can be adjusted without moving the nails from the wall.

What is the best way to clean mirrors?

Mirrors or glass can be cleaned with any glass cleaner on the market and a clean cloth or paper towel. For cleaning or dusting a frame, only use a clean dry cloth. We do not recommend any cleaning solution be used on the frame.

What is the difference between a wood frame and a polyurethane frame?

Mostly the price. With today's technology, a solid core polyurethane frame feels and looks like wood. It lasts just as long as wood and absorbs a finish just like wood. Most of our frames are wood except for the more ornate frames which would have to be hand carved if crafted in wood. On these ornate frames, the latest technologies are used in making polyurethane frames as well as the richest hand finishes possible. The other type of frame construction used frequently are metal, either wrought iron or hand forged steel.

Are all your mirrors on your website?

No. Even though we have one of the largest selections online, we have access to hundred's of mirrors in different finishes, shapes and sizes, and are always searching for new styles and finishes. Contact us with your request.

Can mirrors be cut to a custom size?

Most of our rectangular and square mirrors are available in a variety of sizes. In most cases we are able to provide you with one that's close to your dimensions. This way you avoid the high cost of going through a framing retailer and ordering a custom sized mirror.