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Shower Set w/ 8
Shower Set w/ 8' Square Rain Shower and Handheld - Matte Black

Shower Set w/ 8" Square Rain Shower and Handheld - Matte Black

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Our Price: $475.00
List Price:$529.00
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Product Code: SH2002-MBLK

Wall Mount 8" Rain Shower Head w/ Handheld – Matte Black Finish
This shower set takes pure and simple geometric forms and composes them into an expression of modern luxury. This the product of an intimate cooperation between design and German Engineering.


  • German Engineering Solid Brass Construction Valve
  • Valve Installation with Threaded 1/2" MIP – No more Messy Welding!
  • Valve with Plastic Protection Cover, Installation Level and Depth Indicator
  • Super Slim Solid Brass 1pc Construction Shower Head – No Seams = No Leaks!
  • Silicone Tips on Rain Shower and Handheld for Calcium Buildup – Easy to Clean
  • Easily Control both Temperature and Water Volume with one Hand
  • Depth Adjustable Cover Plates
  • Matte Black Coating for Durability and Longevity

Included in the Price:

  • Super Slim 8" x 8" Rain Shower Head
  • Rectangular 17" Long Wall Mount Shower Arm w/ Wall Cover Plate
  • Solid Brass 2-Way Valve w/ Temperature Control and Diverter
  • Solid Brass Handheld
  • 5' Long Braided Flexible Water Hose
  • Handheld Water Supply Adaptor w/ Handheld Support

Caring for your matte black products:

Given the microscopically rough (matte) surface it is important to avoid cleansers that include wax or filling agents. The wax will act to fill the imperfections in the surface to give it a polished look. Whilst such waxes are great to use on polished surfaces where they fill imperfections and provide a protective coat – they will leave shiny areas on your matte black surface and in time replace its matte finish with a splotchy polished one.

If you are not sure about your cleaner, and it includes chemicals you cannot identify then simply avoid it.

Avoid wax based cleansers!

Note: Success with cleaners and procedures is dependent upon such factors as the hardness and temperature of the water, using exact measurements of ingredients, changes in cleaning formulas and the condition of the product being cleaned. Since there are variations within these factors, we cannot guarantee the effectiveness of the formulas.

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