• Affordable - We don't make any money on shipping, in fact we actually cover some of the costs
  • Quick - Products are stored, and shipped from our own Warehouse. We only use reputable transportation companies to deliver your order
  • Safe - Every item is inspected and properly packed by our crew for a safe trip to you
  • Easy - We advise you when order leaves our warehouse and transportation company contacts you for a delivery appointment
Shipping FAQ

Are we able to pick up?
Yes, you can pick up at our Warehouse in Mississauga at 3110 Wharton Way, Mississauga L4X 2C1
Open from 10am - 4pm Monday to Saturday for Pick ups

Where do you ship to? and how much does it cost?
We ship most of our products to major cities across Canada.  At this time we do not ship to the USA.
Our shopping cart is automated to give you a fairly accurate and affordable shipping rate to major city centers. If you live outside major cities or in remote areas, additional charges may apply, we will contact you if there are additional charges. Your credit card will never be charged until you confirm the order and shipping charges.
In Toronto most small / light weight products are delivered for a small fee of $95.00, by our own truck and crew. There might be additional charges for heavy items, contact us for details.

Do you offer Free Shipping?

As a company that sells products online, we know that many customers are drawn to the promise of free shipping. However, we have deliberately chosen to avoid this sales strategy, and here's why.
In reality, there is no such thing as free shipping. The cost of shipping is always factored into the cost of the product. So, when you see an offer for free shipping, know that the shipping cost has already been accounted for in the product's price.companies that offer free shipping often build the cost of shipping into their products, making their prices higher overall.

I live outside a major City. How can I get a shipping quote?
Go ahead and place your order online, on shipping method, choose "I live outside a major city, send me a shipping quote" then on payment method, choose "contact me for payment"check out and we will then contact you with an accurate shipping quote. You can also send us an email with the product details and your shipping address or call us at 1.866.371.3947

What type of delivery service do you offer?
Outside of Toronto and GTA we use a ground freight service with curb-side delivery. Deliveries are made during business days, Monday to Friday.
The pallet is lowered from the truck onto the curbside, driveway or garage. It's a good idea to have help to bring the products inside your home or garage.

Do you offer local delivery service in Toronto and GTA?
For local Toronto and GTA deliveries, our own crew will deliver inside your home on the main floor, driveway or garage.

What if there are damaged or defective products in my shipment?
Customer must perform full inspection of products within 48 hours of receiving it. Check the outside of boxes for dents, punctures and crushed cardboard. If there are damages outside the boxes, let the driver know, and inspect the products inside the boxes, before the driver leaves to ensure that there isn't concealed damage.
If upon inspection any defects or damages are found, take pictures and contact us within 48 hours. 
To avoid damages in transit, we inspect every item that is being shipped out. Items are in boxes with styrofoam, on a wooden skid, strapped and protected with extra styrofoam on the outside and then shrink wrapped for a safe trip to you.

How do I know when my order will be delivered?
We let you know when the order is shipped out, and transport company will call you to set up a delivery date and provide you with an approximate time window for delivery.
Most large items are shipped out within 3-5 days out of our main warehouse in Mississauga, smaller items are usually shipped next day via FedEx.